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BLACK STUFF Birch & Chaga Extract – 90 capsules / 3 months

BLACK STUFF is a unique supplement that improves microbiome health and strengthens immune system. BLACK STUFF is a natural compound of birch tree and chaga mushroom extract that contains large amounts of humic and fulvic acids, as well as polyphenols. BLACK STUFF boosts the body’s ability to absorb and deliver the nutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals needed at the cellular level. It helps to keep the body healthy and to remove heavy metals, environmental toxins, dead cells, and even viruses. Modern farming practices have stripped the soil of its humus. Consequently, humans and animals are not receiving adequate amounts of humic substances in their normal diet. BLACK STUFF gives people back what the modern world has left out, helping return to gastrointestinal health, wellness and happiness.


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SUGGESTED USE: We recommend 1/3 teaspoons per day, regardless of whether you are trying to fix a health problem or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. You could also use doses per day – especially amidst the worst flu seasons – to increase your microbiome strength.

INGREDIENTS: Polyphenols, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid

Fulvic Acids are some of the safest and most powerful antiviral substances known. Unlike antibiotics, fulvic acids may be used indefinitely without creating any antibiotic resistant strains of disease which are common problems with pharmaceutical drugs.

Humic Acids provide effective support for the immune system. They also encourages complete detoxification by supporting the main emunctory organs (kidneys, skin, intestines, liver and lungs) and trough the elimination of toxins, parasites, fungi and heavy metals, particularly in the gut.

Polyphenols are a natural antioxidant and have the ability to neutralize free radicals produced as a by-product of metabolism. Antioxidants are important for strengthening the immune system.

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